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Man shot dead by police on Tube 22 July 2005

Shot man not connected to bombing 23 July 2005

Ban 'shoot-to-kill', urge family 27 July, 2005

Leak disputes Menezes death story 17 August 2005

Police shooting - the discrepancies 17 August 2005

Power struggle over Tube inquiry? 18 August 2005

Menezes reports 'needed clarity' 20 August 2005

Menezes' family lodge complaint 12 October 2005

Tube shooting charges 'possible' 9 December 2005

Menezes report handed in to CPS 19 January 2006

Menezes family angry over report 19 January 2006

Family demand over Menezes 'leak' 29 January 2006

Call for openness in Menezes case 30 January 2006

Countdown to killing 7 March 2006

transcript of Panorama's Stockwell: Countdown to killing 9 March 2006

archived articles,,1691453,00.html

Brazilian did not wear bulky jacket July 28, 2005,,1691564,00.html

Leaks raise sharp questions about police tactics August 17, 2005,,1691555,00.html

New claims emerge over Menezes death August 17, 2005,,1691554,00.html

Fatal mistakes that cost de Menezes his life August 18, 2005,,1691552,00.html

Met chief tried to stop shooting inquiry August 18, 2005,,1691550,00.html

Police used dum-dum bullets on Brazilian shot at tube station November 16, 2005,,1691528,00.html

It's war on the memorial to De Menezes November 28, 2005,11711,1652315,00.html

Met chief to face inquiry over De Menezes killing 29 Nov 2005,,1691525,00.html

Ten police officers may face charges over Stockwell station killing, says IPCC report 20 Jan 2006,,1691521,00.html

ITN journalist arrested over leak from Stockwell shooting inquiry 25 Jan 2006,,1694220,00.html

Met chief admits mishandling shooting 30 Jan 2006,,1697975,00.html

Producers deny 'shoot to kill' in latest Bond film February 15, 2006,,1710121,00.html

The terrorist who wasn't March 8, 2006,,1725935,00.html

Police defend Menezes shooting tactics March 8, 2006,,1726195,00.html

[De Menezes defamed as "rapist", see last paragraph] March 13, 2006,,1729602,00.html

Observer (Guardian Sunday Paper)
Death in Stockwell: the unanswered questions August 14, 2005,6903,1548808,00.html

Police knew Brazilian was 'not bomb risk' August 21, 2005,6903,1553440,00.html

Woman held in probe into Tube shooting leak September 25, 2005,6903,1577923,00.html

Shoot-to-kill: police say more mistakes likely December 11, 2005,6903,1664650,00.html

New attack on Met for Tube death January 15, 2006,6903,1686927,00.html


Order to kill was 'never given' November 07, 2005,,22989-1861022,00.html

Sir Ian Blair facing conduct inquiry November 28 2005,,22989-1894809,00.html

Menezes police chief inquiry November 29 2005,,22989-1895393,00.html

Tube death police may be charged, says head of inquiry December 10 2005,,2-1918789,00.html

Met chief 'was not kept in dark' over de Menezes December 23 2005,,22989-1957573,00.html

Mixed up messages that killed Menezes January 15 2006,,1-523-1985954-523,00.html

Tube shooting report delivered to CPS January 19 2006,,2-1999733,00.html

Police tampered with log on dead Brazilian 'suspect' January 30, 2006,,22989-2016188,00.html

Daily Telegraph
Police used 'dum dum' bullets to kill de Menezes 16.11.05

Officers believed they had stopped a suicide bomber 30/01/2006

Independent / New Zealand Herald
Jean Charles de Menezes: In the wrong place. At the wrong time 25 July 2005 (PAY ONLY) (FREE)

A WHISTLEBLOWER WHO leaked details ... suspended 19.8.05

"Independent" Police Complaints Commission IPCC 25.8.06

Mistakes led to tube shooting Aug 16 2005
London police 'faked evidence' on shot Brazilian: report 29.1.06

South London Press

De Menezes tube tribute Nov 29 2005

Portrait of cop shooting victim is painted over Nov 25 2005

Insensitivity Dec 2 2005

Local Online Project

Menezes Memorial 26 Nov 2005

The first restoration of the Menezes memorial 20 Oct 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes updated 28 Dec 2005

Jean Charles de Menezes Campaign 11 Oct 2005


Not In My Name 25 July, 2005

SW8 Six Months on 23 January, 2006

Probing 24 July, 2005

Moving Memorial 24 October, 2005

Pics and report of todays vigil at Stockwell tube. 24.07.2005

Monday Stockwell station vigil. Pictures and report. 26.07.2005

Angry march to remember man murdered by cops on Friday. 26.07.2005

Familys of Police victims march in London. 29.10.2005

Jean Charles remembered by hundreds at Stockwell vigil. 23.01.2006

UK/ Posthumously defaming victims of police killings 13.03.2006

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