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          JAIL  Part 1 
Going to prison for art!

Live in Jail!
permanently updated newspage
March 20th - April 21st  2000
 Complaints  ongoing!

Seelenlos is going to prison for 33 days. He is one of the 2 producers of the ketchup comedy  "Blutgeil", the movie burned by high court Zurich decision. 

T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S

    monday, march 20th 2000 >>> day 1
Prison entry of Seelenlos. Spectacular 
"Bloodbath in Urdorf!!" 
(Fotos original size and high qualitiy, klick here!)
  in front of private penal institution.
    As prelude 
    the execution commando burns
    with expert greeting
    a pile of BLUTGEIL-videos
    in front of private penal institution
    Urdorf / Zurich.
Pushing condemned artist Seelenlos
naked towards the entry.
Criminal artist is prepared for execution
beside burning videos.
The delinquent artist only few  
seconds before his execution.
    The Executioner goes into action.
    Command: "Bucket at hand!"
    ... splash, splosh, drip...
    The criminal artist
    smeared with blood
    with his belongings
    after the execution.
    Camp administration
    takes over the prisoner.
    33 days punishment camp
    for illegal art!
    To be continued.
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    tuesday, march 21st  2000 >>> day 2
news report:       metropol 21.3.00:
Blutgeil  in front of Prison!
Controversial artist behind bars
Splatter-movie BLUTGEIL was banned by court decision and the producers found guilty in 1994. Yesterday Seelenlos started his sentence - not without comment.

"In Switzerland film censorship rules like in GDR", artist Ärger says with indignation. They produced the low-budget-movie BLUTGEIL back in 1993 - a story raising hand for bloody stroke against the left and local police. The two artist consider to be victims of justice of Zurich wanting to create a precedent for article 135 of Swiss film-censorship (Existing since 1990).

Actionism as art
Seelenlos was sentenced to pay a fine of sfr. 1'000.-. Because he didn't want to pay the amount, fine was changed to 33 days of prison. Ärger on the other hand pays his fine in instalments of sfr. 20.- per month. "This fine pushes me to a forced labour situation - i have to earn more money than i really need to live - in fact this actually stopped my artistical work, Ärger complains 
Private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich did not want to confirm the entry of Seelenlos. Reason for the icy behaviour


might be our performance in front of the penal institution yesterday morning, guesses Ärger. Seelenlos burned a pile of BLUTGEIL-videos and took off his clothes. Then 2 friends dressed as police officers poured bloody colour over him. Ärger: "The guards locked the door again before they finally let him in after 10 minutes of waiting in the cold." 

No fight against article 135 

"I'm waiting for an acquittal", 


lawyer Barbara Hug of both artists says. Article 135 - against works of art without scientific value and not woth of protection - is a woolly phrase, says Hug. "You could take the case to higher court. But my clients refuse to risk their heads for a law they hold to be wrong." Censored movie BLUTGEIL can legally be bought in stores in Zurich. The original version is only allowed abroad - with the note "This movie illegal in Switzerland!"



 Tages-Anzeiger 21.3.00:
On monday morning a press-fax ("Dear friends of bad taste") invited the media to keep their eyes on Urdorf / Zurich. There a young man will enter the prison because of being found guilty of producing the BLUTGEIL-video. "This will not stage smoothly, but there is a bloodbath to be expected." At 9.25 an incoming report at the Kantonspolizei Zurich said, there's a naked man in front of the prison gate. Moments later he poured a bucket of dark red liquid over his head, later identified as red-beet-juice. At 9.38 a further report: The man is now inside the gate. (nck)

    wednesday, march 22nd 2000 >>> day 3
Total news blackout in private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich. No contact with the outer world for the prisoner. Written petition for approval of visitors. Reply on the phone: "Further news blackout until friday!"

    thursday, march  23rd 2000 >>> day 4
First sign of life of the criminal artist Seelenlos since being behind bars and locks. Letter 1 (Brief 1 vom 21.03.00) confirms assumptions of a transfer of the prisoner to another penal institution. Kindergarden-prison Urdorf / Zurich wasn't hard enough, now treatment for difficult clients in a special prison . There are only speculations about the rasons of the transfer. Also incoming letter of Mr Egger, head of private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich, isn't that informative either. What the ... happened behind their walls? (Brief 4 vom 26.03.00

Ärger brings the desired things to the airport prison the same day, but only money, stamps and tax return pass the increased security control.


    friday, march 24th 2000 >>> day 5
Letter 2 is in the mail (Brief 2 vom 22.03.00), also answer of criminal justice  Zurich on Ärger's petition for approval of visitors in penal institution Urdorf - one of the 2 new private penal institutions in the canton Zurich. But only wanting a simple leaflet for visitors seems already to be asking too much of them. Airport prison handles this matter much more professional: A visitor leaflet is handed out and there is no problem for agreeing a visiting time: Next tuesday, march  28th, 15 h. 

"Don't be afraid", the guard warns me on the phone, "there is a glass sheet between visitor and prisoner." On his advice i will bring money for Seelenlos then, because "he wouldn't get it before anyway." (vgl Aktennotiz 24.03


    saturday, march 25th  2000 >>> day 6
Letter 3 (vgl Brief 3 vom 23.03.00) of Seelenlos behind bars plus an excerpt of his house-letter of 23.3.00. Fighting a running battle with prison doctor about vitamin pills. Without mercy! Desired visitor leaflet of VZ Urdorf / Zurich didn't arrive yet. Second petition is mailed.


    sunday,  march 26th 2000 >>> day 7
 "Now the first late-lift-off starts, just in front of the prison. MD-11 definitely have the coolest bass. And there comes already the next. I use to open the window if the wind doesn't blow from the wrong side. Good to know that, according to the rules of the house, it has to be quiet from 22 h on and no more music instrument playing is allowed from 21 h on." (vgl Brief 6 vom 25.03.00


Going to prison - for art!
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The second week
                      Part 2
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