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          JAIL  Part 2 
Going to prison for art!

 The second week

    monday,  march 27th 2000 >>> day 8
Seelenlos calls his lawyer to contact his doctor. Despite he sent his medical report / prescriptions of Seelenlos already the 2nd time, it seems not to have arrived in the airport prison. His doctor sends another fax. Wear-down-tactics like in the GULAG. 

      tuesday,  march 28th 2000 >>> day 9
Visiting day in the airport prison. Each prisoner is allowed to see visitors once a week for 1 hour. Every 2 weeks he is allowed to make a phone call for 10 minutes. According to the prison decree gifts for prisoners are only handed out from the middle of the even months (feb / apr / june / aug / oct / dec 10. - 22.). Tough luck for artist Seelenlos staying in prison from 20.3. - 21.4. But the BLUTGEIL-files and money can easily pass and will be handed over to the prisoner - somewhen -  later. The porter behind the desk pushes a knob. The guardhouse is filled with tons of the surveillance colour TVs you dream of. Despite the alarm of the metal detector the door to the visitor anteroom unlocks and you are free to enter. The visitor accompanied by a guard is locked into a visiting-cabin. On the other side of the wall behind the massive glass sheet dividing the room, there opens now the other door and prisoned artist Seelenlos enters. His face looks sunken and pale. A grated drain below the glass makes conversation possible.  

Long awaited approval for vitamin pills since friday 24.3. 7.30 h (vgl Brief 5  vom 24.03.00). Despite decreasing teeth gum Seelenlos hopes for recovery with sufficient vitamin C supply (vgl. Brief 7 vom 27.03.00). After 5 days of excuses 3 polaroid-fotos as proof for his bleeding gum can be taken. Since prison entry he got 1 apple, 1 banana, 3 leaves of salad and 1 piece of melon. Food in the airport prison is torture. "If i got it right, i will get 1 liter of orange juice for the whole next week. Hope there will be a sequal." (vgl. Brief 8 vom 29.03.00

Meanwhile the laptop was checked and allowed (no diskettes!), for all that the prisoned artist could start his work again. (vgl. Brief 6 vom 25.03.00, Brief 7 vom 27.03.00

Excerpts of letter 4 (Brief 4 vom 26.03.00) give information about possible reasons and legal background of his transfer from private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich to airport prison Zurich. "The airport prison is famous for its bad reputation. Transfers to there are thought to be additional punishment for renitent prisoners out of other prisons." Probably that private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich refers to § 6 ("Help of police") of reglementation on district prisons:

    "If in case of disturbance of prison security help from the outside should be necessary, the administrator calls the Kantonspolizei for support. He also calls them for transports of prisoners dangerous of escape or to the community.
    (pointed out by Seelenlos)
Excerpt of letter 4 (Brief 4 vom 26.03.00) from airport prison (Flughafengefängnis): 
    "How many police officers showed up in Urdorf and who brought me to here, what do you guess? (Handcuffed?) (What?) As far as i saw, there was at least 1 sixpack (Swiss expression for police van with 6 officers inside), rather more. One entered and said, if i wouldn't obey they would call for more support and "use force" (Publicity like a bombshell for a harmless little art-performance there in front of the gate...Didn't know that art is violent and dangerous to the community...not to mention never stop learning here around...i'm looking forward to read about this fun in my secret state police security file."
After exactly 1 hour the opposite door opens and a guard picks up Seelenlos, accompanies him back to his cell. On his side the visitor has to push a knob and after a little while a guard opens the door and shows the way to the outside. You take a deep breath when the heavy armoured gate rolls aside. If you should feel the urge to shoot a foto of the impressing building for the family album, so please take your time...

...because it can happen that exactly in that moment a patrol-car of airport security police comes around the corner with 2 officers having plenty of time to check your papers. Perhaps then their undercover colleagues drive by for a little smalltalk while you are easily waiting half an hour.


      wednesday,  march 29th 2000 >>> day 10
Letter 7 (Brief 7 vom 27.03.00) is in the mail. Despite every day prison life Seelenlos tries to finish his regular workload.

      thursday,  march 30st 2000 >>> day 11
     Every day 1 hour of walking in the prison court yard.


      friday,  march 31st 2000 >>> day 12
    Lawyer receives complaint 2 of Seelenlos against administration of private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich. "Malicious omission of duty to care" is the accusation, because of not handing over important files on the occasion of the transfer (report/prescriptions of the doctor and the application for free occupation according to § 74 on district penal institutions). "Heavy disadvantages stroke me in blatant contrary to a lot of regulations." We are still waiting for a reply of private penal institution Urdorf / Zurich, where they take their time. Concearning complaint 1 there is also still no reply yet: But maybe the faxmachine is to blame for everything... (vgl Beschwerde 2).
This is no red-beet-juice! 
but a little taste 
of what comes out of my mouth 
after teeth brushing and in between...
Look into the mouth of the artist:
     Seelenlos shows his gum,
or what is left of it.


        saturday, april  1st  2000 >>> day 13
Letter 8 (Brief 8 vom 29.03.00) contains quite an interesting collection of set phrases with which he gets fed up in the airport prison. They allow instructive insight into the psyche of the guards and especially of prison doctor Holy:
    • "You have to apply for it written."
    • "Unfortunately you had a visitor during the round of the prison doctor. We don't want to disturb in these moments on principle"
    • "Unfortunately we have to collect the forms 2 days earlier , so everything will be ready on qualifying date."
    • "Sure, we didn't forget you."
    • "We're sorry to be very strict about the regulations rsp it is not possible because of administrative reasons."
    • "Come back in 1 week."
    • "We do what we can, but we are sorry not being able to grant your constitutional rights because of reasons of security."
    • I could prescript you a Tranquilizer."
    • "Sorry! Counter is closed."
    • "We collect the mess kit, when we collect it."
    • "Please consult the Boss, but unfortunately he's in a meeting, and tomorrow is no work day."
    • "Sorry, i was wrong."
    • "Sorry, but we can make noexeption."
    • "Please write a house-letter."
    • "I am not responsible for that."
    • "My Sirs, it is time. You exactlyknow when you will be allowed to call again."
    • "I'm not working my first day in prison, and if i say the Chef will do it in 2 or 3 days, so this is reason enough."
    • "Go back to your cell."


Irony of fate

    "The one guard always recites MY dialogues of BLUTGEIL!!!Even the right tone! And i thought we had exaggerated... ." (vgl Brief 8 vom 29.03.00

    But he states that in prison it is like everywhere else: 

      "A lot of guards are not that bad: There are people who keep being fair even if they're on the trigger. And there are others, but we have a little of both inside of all of us. Ok, meanwhile everybody knows: One wrong move and they land on the homepage, plus lawyer Hug squeezing their balls. Some of them keep being friendly, while i watch others trying to behave themselves quite forced. But i guess the antipathy is mutual. I try to act like a sportsman and show the red card (= complaint) if necessary  or a whole bunch of it. I alreday got 20 in stock." (vgl Brief 8 vom 29.03.00



        sunday, 2nd april 2000 >>> day 14

"Cell still smells like a thrown ashtray, except when i took a shit. Then it smells like in a pigsty. I thought with vegetarian food it would get better, but if you think... . Well, a little bit at least. But nobody here would really be sad if Restorama went bankrupt. Or a MD-11 crashed on it. At least i don't need no drugs to be ever-stoned suffering of this heavy stomach ache. I know, the subject is worn out, but food is torture in here. The quasi-continuation of solitary confinement with different methods. They surely know why there is no common eating-hall. Would be too easy to instigate there the insurrection you dream of." (vgl Brief 6 vom 25.03.00)



Going to prison - for art!
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The third week
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