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Going to prison for art!
G  R  A  N  D  E 
F  I  N  A  L  E  : 
    The fifth week
    monday, april 17th 2000 >>> day 29
     "...seems to be endless freedom...the engines scream in my ears..."   
Two runways are between the airport prison in the background and the airplane in the foreground. The plane is putting into start-line-up to the right and starts to the left, lifting off ground just in front of the prison.
Airport prison seen from the backside with  
(left) dept. expel prison and         (right) penal system...   
Seelenlos' cell 221 is 7th window of upper row. Naked concrete wall in the foreground embraces walking court yards 3 and 4.  
 Dept. expel prison                                              Dept. detention while awaiting trial and penal system  
     ...and front view, also with double barbwire and video-surveilled "death-zone".  

    Pressfax for friends and media is spread: Censorship in Switzerland  

    tuesday, april 18th 2000 >>> day 30
08.30 h TV-interview with prisoned artist. The big boss of the airport prison himself gives a warm welcome to the Danish TV-team from Copenhagen. Shooting is in a room in the expel prison. The pictures exclusively soon  
 o n l y    o n   T V - S t o p !
And for the very impatient ones:   
Here the copy of interview with Seelenlos in the special prison: Interview with Seelenlos in special prison 

Letter 21 (Brief 21 vom 16.04.00) right on time: Not to believe - Legal drugs for free!!!  
(There is only to hope that letter 20 (put to post one day earlier) will arrive somewhen, if Mr letter-censor thinks the passing on is legal anyway: Important details of industrial dispute (Brief 20 vom 13.04.00) and complaint "concearning systematic hindrances... " (Beschwerde 

    wednesday, april 19th 2000 >>> day 31
Letter 22 on time again (Brief 22 vom 17.04.00): More tips for prison tourists and wannabes: The keyword is "Welcome to the Special Prison!" ("Willkommen im Sondergefängnis") Sorry not to know more news about the industrial dispute (Arbeitskampf) in the airport prison (Letter 20 with detailed information hasn't arrived yet (Brief 20). So hasn't the complaint (Beschwerde). Mr censor knows why!  
      thursday, april 20th 2000 >>> day 32
Early knock-out? Local fare-dodging King - Our Souvereign KING KRASKA himself in persona - is going to cause the instant release today 15 h of His importance Seelenlos - K.U.K. artist by trade creating not only motion but also moving pictures. Will the criminal artist be discharged and let loose on society again under the running cameras of a local TV-station? Nitschewo!  

Cut rations down to zero! Pick shy-of-work-elements out! Eliminate ring-leaders! Extinct!  - With "only" 1 week delay letter 20 (Brief 20) arrives just on time of Führer's birthday: Sensational backgrounds of ongoing industrial dispute in the airport prison. And the complaint concearning systematic hindrances, regular "faults", "mistakes" and other incorrect operating courses, which already has raised quite a dust in the administration of the airport prison.   

    Dear post customer 
    Sorry, but your mail was openend by mistake. 
    Kindest regards SWISS POST  
    Do you also get that kind of mail? 

Quite on time: Board of justice officially acknowledges receipt of complaint "Kulturverbot". (In the airport prison, Seelenlos was allowed to have a whole two books and one magazine - not because of harassment, but only for reasons of prison-security of course. To get a book from prison library took a shy 19 days incl. 3 times ordering the library-catalogue, 3 times ordering the books and 5 complaints, again abslutely no harassment intended, but a sad "involuntarily mistake" - of course). (Beschwerde vom 09.04.00).  

Early knock out!  Airport prison, 07:38 Uhr: Wonders will never cease! Prison administration acknowledges receipt of the fax (Fax) of King Kraska "Act of God's Mercy" and convenes "trial" in cult-hall of dept. expel prison. Accused criminal artist heavily reeks of garlic. Final verdict: Kick out (Rausschmiss) within the next 105 minutes - 1 hour too early!  

    friday, april 21st 2000 >>> day 33
Welcome to the big prison outside!   
(Swiss German: Welcome home!) (Brief 25 vom 20.04.00 

Besides: Increasing rumours of mobbing (Mobbing) amongst prison guards. Industrial dispute getting critical. The prisoners want to talk the fully matter out with prison administration (Aussprache (Brief 23 vom 18.04.00)). First - and last? - results (Resultate) of complaint. (Brief 24 vom 19.04.00)  

    friday, april 28th 2000
"The perpetrator always returns to the scene of his crime..." 

Seelenlos appears without warning again in front of the gate of airport prison Zurich and brings gifts for prisoners without relatives in Switzerland. As the man in the control room recognizes the ex-prisoner, he jerks and forgets to close the gate again in his scare (If you don't believe it: There exist video-recordings. TV-STOP is watching you!) 
Finally also the discharged prisoner can see  the entrance with the metal detector as a visitor. But no one gave him such a frosty welcome since his overhasty discharge. By a sign of the fingers the suspect is guided to the right window. The officers nervously watch hard their screens. Entrance gate and "death-zone" live and in colour. Homesickness when seeing the hallways with the green dividing-bars and the doors... 
Gifts  have to be weighted in the anteroom. 4650 gramm (limit 5 kg) every 2 months, nothing to do about it, seems you got your hopes up too soon! Word of honour that there won't be no flying red-beet-juice, don't be afraid. Only soja flocs, fruits and Swiss chocolate, no panic on the red button, please, just relax and at ease - nono, we already know you being alert and not being caught too easy. Everything is ok, thanks a lot and see you soon 
And look how he steadied. When Seelenlos leaves he promptly and shortly locks the gate. 

    saturday, april 29th 2000
Today in the mail, part 1: Now it is really official and personally signed by lic.iur. A. Spirig, staff service justice penal system Kanton Zürich with the date of the day before yesterday 25.04.00: The "bloodbath"-performance in front of penal institution Urdorf (according to Mr. Spirig: "premeditated behaviour") was put into category "disturbance of prison security" (according to § 6 GVO). In that case "help from outside" by supporting Kantonspolizei was "necessary" and legal basis of the transfer the same time. Because of repeatedly forbidden art the criminal artist was considered "dangerous to the community" and "moved" to the airport special prison.  

On that occasion the personal files of Seelenlos (incl. medical report by his doctor) were also "transfered" from VZ Urdorf to airport prison. (Where tey said not having received them. Possible that they will even arrive somewhen. Maybe 2009?)  

Embarrassing silence concearning the visitor leaflet VZ Urdorf. Rumours about the leaflet only existing only on the paper of the reglementation are going to prove well-founded. 

And in the end another live quotation of staff service justice penal system: Also where faxmachines work (or not, as f.e. 19. / 20.3., guess where?) "mistakes" can be made "during the transmission. (!) But of great importance is ..." Welcome to the big prison outside! 

A smooth transition to: 

Today in the mail, part 2: "According to general business conditions, your shipment had to be opened to verify your adress ... Please always use a full sender adress (maybe just like the fluorescent orange one bottom left?) ... thank you for your cooperation ..."  
But this we think to be a little too insolent. And next week the censors officially blow their snot into our letters, do they? Somehow we like these forms of the Swiss Post and try to complete our collection. And then this hint at "general business conditions", great stile, but: Would you as customer, citizen, tax-payer, put up with something like that? Well, we neither. To be continued... 
 This is not the end!
There are ongoing complaints concearning the ban of books, magazines and decent computers inside Zurich prisons, plus the suppressing of medical reports and testimonies by prison authorities, plus the medical (non-)treatment/harassment by penal institution Doctor Holy.  
Don't expect prison administration and the board of justice to tell the truth this time - but stay tuned with what kind of "excuses" they'll come up next . . .
Watch out!!!
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