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Good evening! 

 Here the latest news on the bomb attempt on policemen on the occasion of the swearing in ceremony of the new, with internment authorization equipped special drug unit of the city police Zurich, where totally 21 policemen were lacerated in a most cruel way. 

This very bloody bomb attempt commited by a splinter-handgranade, aroused in the public not only waves of indignation, but also overfoaming delight in some places. 

 From reliable sources we got to know, that the difficult obduction of the unrecognizable mutilated and disfigured parts of the corpses amounted, that there are not as reported 23, but only 21 victims. 

 Since then these two (photos of the policemen) are missing. 

 The drug addicted terrorist Adelheid Metzler (photo), who's strongly suspected of guilt, is still free despite most intensive search. 

 Good evening! 



 (Newspaper notice: "Death-handgranade lacerate 21 policemen", "Diana: I want the divorce!") 

 Policeman 2: "Over there they are!" (Bird shits on Policeman) "These shit-birds! - Fucking shit-birds!" 

 (Policemen in front of entry with red writing: Cops out of district 5!) 



  Dealer: "Come on, get lost!" 

Junkie without money: "I'm on withdrawal, need urgently a fix!" 

Dealer: "Come on, you pay first, then you'll get!" 

Junkie without money: "Please!" 

Dealer: "Come on!" 

Junkie with money: "Hey, don't you want to give me the dope?" 

Dealer: (To Junkie without money) "Don't stand around so stupid, goddammit!" 

Junkie with money: "Hey, give me the dope, hey! Stress!" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Hey, you damn jerk, what kind of shit palmed you off on me?!" 

Dealer: "Shut up, shit-cunt!" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Really, hey!" 

Dealer: "What did you give me?" 

Junkie with money: "I gave you hundred francs." 

Dealer: "You gave me fifty francs!" 

Junkie with money: "I surely didn't give you fifty francs, just now. - Sure, you've put it in, haven't you?" 

Junkie without money: "But I can't pay now, I can't pay you everything until tomorrow." 

Dealer: "Forget it!" 

Junkie without money: "Just a little, please, please!" 

Dealer: "First you pay me your debts, don't you?!" - "Don't touch me, you! (draws the jack-knive) First you pay, then you'll get the dope, is that clear?" 



  Policeman 1: "Stop! Freeze! - To the wall you scoundrels!" 

Policeman 2: (To the Junkie-terrorist:) "So you pig, here you are! Get out!" 

Policeman 1: "Spread your legs! - Shut up!" (Keeps the two junkies and the dealer covered) 

Policeman 2: (While thrashing the junkie-terrorist) "Killing 21 cops, our mates, I'll make you pay for this! - (After she lays motionless on the floor) So, that's done, I think." 

Policeman 1: "Look down!" 

Policeman 2: "Closer! - Now spread your legs! - So, spread your legs, goddammit! - There you are, you damn bastards!" 

Policeman 1: "Stop!" (shoots junkie without money) - "Freeze! Down, or I'll shoot!" 

Junkie with money: "Hey, you can't do that!" (gets beaten up) 

Policeman 1: "To the wall! - No witnesses!" (shoots junkie with money) 

Policeman 2: "So, you pig!" - Hey, she (the junkie-terrorist) pushed off!" 

Policeman 1: "Damn! Couldn't you thrash her right, you cissy! Everything I have to do myself! Go on now!" 

Policeman 2: So, you lad! (grabs dealer) - Damn junkies! - So, you lad, talk, where does that slut live?" 

Dealer: "I don't know!" 

Policeman 2: "Come on, out with it, where does that slut live?"  

Dealer: "I don't know anybody!" 

Policeman 1: (Aims his gun on the dealers forehead) "Hey, you got five seconds! - Four, three, two, ..." 

Dealer: "In the squat at the Beverly Hills of Zurich!" 

Policemen 1 and 2: "Thanks!" (shoots him) 



  Junkie-terrorist: (While running home) "This damn pig! - (In front of the front door) Hey, open up!" 

Alcoholic-squatter: (Pissing) "Hey, what's up?" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Hey, open up the door!" 

Alcoholic-sqatter: "I'm coming, hey! - (Opens the front door) What's that fuss about, hey?" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Asshole!" 

Alcoholic-squatter: "Hell, do you look fucked up, hey!" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Shut up!" (knocks him over, the bottle of Vodka gets broken) 

Alcoholic-squatter: (After he licked up the Vodka from the floor) "That was delicious, hey! - Whow, beer-shampoo! (drinks beer-shampoo) Yes, yes, fantastic, hey! - (To the two bursted in policemen) "What kind of hideous faces are you two, hey?" 

Policeman 1: (After his mate was puked over by the alcoholic- squatter) "You pig!" 

Policeman 2: "You pig!" (beats up alcoholic-squatter) 



  Policeman 1: (Gushes in the living-room) "Stop! Freeze! - (Arms- fool-squatter shoots off policeman 1's thumb, has a jam, whereupon policeman 1 shoots in his penis) Hands up! - (Arms-fool-squatter presses hands between his legs) Up with your hands, go!" 

Policeman 2: "There we have them!" (Policeman 1, hit by a stone, goes K.O. , whereupon Policeman 2 flees) 



  Alcoholic-squatter: (Fleeing policeman 2 opens door, alcoholic-squatter with axe stands right in front of him) "You fucking cop!" (chases him up the stairs) 

Junkie-terrorist: (Sticks policeman 2 from behind and threatens him with his own gun) "You pig!" 

Alcoholic-squatter: "Pig-cop! - Cop-meat! - Cop-meat!" 



  Arms-fool-squatter: (Arms-fool- and stone-throwing-squatters beating up policeman 1) "You dog, you, you fucking pig, I have enough now! - Your brain for my balls!" (shoots his brain out) 



 lcoholic-squatter: "Well done, alright, and now" (whereupon junkie- terrorist slits open policeman 2) 



 Junkie-terrorist: (Takes the policeman's ass out of the oven) "Finally it's cooked, crisp and crunchy! - (Enters the living- room) Finally the ass is done, hey!" 

The mob: "Aaah, cop-ass!" 

Alcoholic-squatter: "Has the old pig pushed the carrot up his ass himself?" 

Pretaste-squatter: "Mmmh, that smells delicious! - (tastes carrot in asshole) Sure, it's done!" 

Arms-fool-squatter: "Mmmh, I want the asshole, hey!" 

Junkie-terrorist: "Ok, then you get the asshole!" 

Arms-fool-squatter: "Give me the plates!" 

Alcoholic-squatter: "Very tasty - Very spicy!" 

Police in front of the door: "Police! Open up!" 

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