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Profane Existence Nr. 23, Autumn 1994 (USA)  

Zürich Squatters vs. Political Police 

A Zürich-based squatters' production group is to face trial in November for their release of their splatter-comedy movie Blutgeil (Horny for Blood).

The movie, also titled Zürich Cop Eaters IV is a story of a female junkie terrorist who has just obliteated 21 anti-drug squad cops with a hand grenade. Two surviving cops go on a private mission against her as well as other junkies and squatters. The characters in the movie are obviously portrayed in an exxagerated, satirical manor, meant to illustrate and question the kinds of social prejudices people of different social groups have against each other.

Just three days after the movie first official screening, 15 plain-clothes cops of the political police (no joke!) an 18 uniformed cops of the riot-squad raided their house. They were treated to a police raid on their home, a day in solitary confinement and the confiscation boxes full of their personal belongings and their works. Items confiscated included albums from PSZYCHISZ TEROR (Kill Your Stereo or Someone Else's), cassettes from DER KLEINE HIRNFICK (THE LITTLE MINDFUCK), PSZYCHISZ TEROR live videos and copies of the Blutgeil video. Now the squatters are facing charges of up to three years imprisonment and fine 40'000 Swiss francs - only because they made a bad movie!

The attack and raid is a clear window into the intentions of the police and local political establishment to humiliate and crush the squatters. In their overzealousness to find incriminating evidence against the squatters, the police confiscated chidren's books from a neighboring house before they realized they were in the wrong house. Not only did the police confiscate materials relating to the movie and other productions, they confiscated personal materials including letters and address books. On the day, seven people were arrested and held in solitary confinement, although three were obviously not related to the film. One non-Swiss person visiting at the time of the raid was expelled from the country on the same day. As well, the police filmed the rais as the squatters were awaken from their sleep, which was later shown on television. And the squatters thought their movie was an exaggeration ...

The production group which made the film, SSI which is a publishing outlet for the band PSZYCHISZ TEROR / DER KLEINE HIRNFICK, is initiating a campaign against censorship and is looking to make contacts with international anti-censorship movements abroad. Ass well, they are looking for people to help distribute their productions around the world. For more information contact SSI-Media, P.O.BOX 1318, 8031 Zürich, Switzerland.

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