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M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g?        P r e s s  c o v e r a g e         R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !
>> Because of institution of legal proceedings against officers after raid without search warrant?
>> Because of participation in police critical online newspaper
>> Because of the attacks?
«  F  e  d  e  r  a  l     i  n  s  t  r  u  c  t  i  o  n  s  »
The Empire strikes back, Part 1:
Police takes legal proceedings against
Federal Police Department ( and Special Task Force 2 «Sexcrimes» of Kapo ZH ( agree: Named homepages are "no free expression of opinion", but generally "punishable portrayal of violence" "violating […] human dignity". That's why they are "immediately to be banned" and "switched off", operators "put to jail". District Attorney ordered to "institute legal proceedings urgently"…

M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g?        P r e s s  c o v e r a g e         R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !
Against stupidity and censorship!!!
P A R T   2 :   «  o  f  f  i  c  i  a  l  l  y   ! »
>>> missed Part 1 ?<<<         >>> list of files (in German) <<<
A district attorney sees red!
Charge against all 18 homepages of!!!

Actually DA Wehrli «would like most the legal proceedings to be ceased»: In his opinion there is «not enough about this case» to justify the «fuss» about the proceedings against the concerned homepages. «But I got signals of the public prosecution, that a decree to cease would not be accepted under no circumstances
Therefore DA Wehrli had no choice but to take legal proceedings true to the order of his superior authority «to have this matter finally be cleared off my desk».
This 1st charge (>>> No. 2) dated Feb. 28th 2002 (in German) is now with us. Only little surprise that the DA expands the proceedings against all homepages on concerned server with the much too sweeping accusation «to have links to other internet homepages, particularly to»!!! And that was not all: Additionally the DA calls the operators to account for other sites, for which  they're not responsible and to which there exist no links, f.e. - only with the explanation, that there would be "a reference to the movie "Blutgeil" [...] and to a lot of other brutal films!!!!! Plus the all topping accusation, that there would be «displayed information […] about the criminal proceedings» against the movie "Blutgeil"!!!!! This quite clearly illustrates what's it all about for the public prosecution: to muzzle the operators because of critical expression of opinion and unpleasant reporting. To spell it out: justice motivated by political convictions.

International witchhunt against critical sites

Another relevant indication in this direction is according to legal files the lot of official authorities (beside public prosecution and district attorney) being involved in this newly «pilot case» against
- Institute for journalism (IPMZ), university of Zurich (File 1  in German)
- Criminal Department of the state of Bavaria, BRD (File 2  in German)
- Interpol Wiesbaden, BRD (File 3 in German)
- Federal Police Department, Bern (File 4 in German)
- Cantonal police Zurich, special task force 2 «sex crimes» (File 5 in German)
- Cantonal police Zurich, criminal authority district 2 (interrogation in German)
It's the last straw that the operators are once more officially filed as «terrorists» being connected with critical police reporting (a.o. about injuries of "teargas" on But one after another:

Institute for journalism of university Zurich:
Home of applied denunciation

Head of institute for journalism and media-science Prof. Bonfadelli is well known for regularly calling for «measure» against «violent videogames» with the explanation, that «a connection between the consumption of violent games» and «the use of violence in the real world» is «a scientifically proven fact» - knowing how to give the (wrong) impression, that the «found out connection» would be the one between cause and effect. Less known is the fact that the active professor uses to call for denunciation among friends and on the quiet. The pilot case against reveals for the first time such a «private» campaign during lectures and with means of the university.

Assistant Jochen Hoffmann being put forward as a front man ( reported his accusations to the criminal authorities of the state of Bavaria as a precaution hopeing to hush up the sender's address. Unfortunately his mails were filed including the header giving proof of using the official university server to do his denunciations during office hours (09:46). Another racy detail: reason of the denunciation was not so called "portrayal of violence" but explicitly the critical reports about police brutality on - in Hoffmann's jargon: «smear campaign against the state and particularly against the police […]. I would be grateful to you - by informing responsible colleagues in other countries - for doing everything possible to erase these pages out of the internet and to call the responsibles to account.» (Emphasizes by SSI)

Police officers and DA think the same

Matter of honour that the criminal authorities of the state of Bavaria in cooperation with Interpol Wiesbaden were very generous in starting immediately extensive investigations with the result (without nameing further reasons), that not only, but also the documentation about the airport-prison Art in Jail (english version available) as well as the literature-site (only in German) are «gloryfing violence». Also matter of honour that Swiss state police authority as well as cantonal police Zurich and DA Wehrli (at public prosecution's behest) adopt this opinion without questioning and conjure legal proceedings up out of nothing against unpleasant site operators in record time.

Rejection of Charge No. 1

March 12th 2002, Judge Guggenbühl rejects the charge as "not clear enough" and demands formal stopping against ART IN JAIL and Despite being a purely text page and art. 135 explicitely excluding textpublications, the district attorney extensively snoops around on our «literature pages», underlining once more the purely political motivation of his preceedings.

Proceeding #2: «Illegal Portrayal of Policemen»

Meanwhile, Anger gets arrested violently after filming a plain clothes officer provoking with an empty bottle during a manifestation on May 1st 2002. Journalist / cameraman / photographer Anger, in the local policecorps only too well known for his work depicting e.g. the puking officer having inhaled some of his own «teargas» (see loop, click to enlarge), is taken into custody under the charge of «illegal portrayal of officers»the favourite excuse for harrassing members of the press during the last 20 years, illegaly confisating and «accidentally destroying» films and tapes and gravely beating unliked photographers, although there actually doesn't exist such a law which prohibits taking pictures of policemen. Unfortunately for the police, after years and years of legal struggle, concluding in a case won before federal court by media-union comedia, just this spring 2002 police had finally to admit this fact. So this 1st accusation was silently dumped, the new accusation being "hindering officers from official duty"a tried and tested "offence of embarrassment": Whenever police can't blame the arrested for nothing, but despite won't let him free, a (false) statement of an officer (or two) is sufficient to zurich courts for conviction. Additionally, the authorities refuse to give the illegaly confiscated videotape back – but instead hand it out to the Political Police! >>> detailed report on the arrest with additional pics

«Illegal Publication / Advertisement»: Charge No. 2

After a 3rd interrogation on June 4th 2002, DA Wehrli issues Charge No. 2 dated June 17th 2002. Instead of clarifying the critisised plainly groundless to totally absurd accusasions, he simply adds another: Since the accused appeared at occasion of an interview in a local newspaper wearing a, now he should additionally be sentenced for «advertising of a forbidden film»!!! So much for freedom of speech in Switzerland ...

>>> Continue…

List of files (in German)

Charge No. 1 (in German)

Charge No. 2 (in German)

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Switzerland is a democratic country, where artists have the choice between prison, armed resistance or exile.

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