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 A Chronology of prosecuted homepages 2000-2003
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 "Anger & Soulless"
      A film by Tom Gerber

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  Archive material "Gipfelstürmer"
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  "Going to Prison for Art!"
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March 2000 going online
With 2 main focuses at the beginning:
constantly extended collection of documents of the " BLUTGEIL Case"
current documentation ART IN JAIL (in german meanwhile a domain on it's own:

Summer 2000 online
The "literature-page" of Soulless and Anger with stories performed on their international reading tours:
No portrayal of violence in picture or sound
Texts explicitely not violating art. 135

5th September 2000
Illegal Raid at
Officers felt "threatened by camera"
Raid without search warrant
M Confiscation of editorial documents without report
M " Mistakenly disposed" by cleaning lady

23rd November 2000
Institution of legal proceedings because of illegal raid
Because ongoing correspondence with police for months being fruitless, is "going to law" with support of labor union comedia:
M No charge until today.
M District attorney conducts himself as defender of the accused officers.

13th February 2001
Charge against
 Denounce from office of institute for journalism and media science, Zurich.
 Charge via internet to state crime office of Bavaria / Germany.
 Reason: "subversive campaign against state and police", "child pornography".

March 2001 online
Documentation + investigations of violations of human and civil rights by police and judiciary, likely "overlooked" by local media:
 Reported as first swiss media about illegal use of steel rod (only in German) on 1.5.01.
M The fallible officer was never prosecuted (only in German) for breaking the law. All media kept quiet.
 Only swiss medium reporting continuously about burnings by "tear-gas"(only in German), also in weekly newspaper (WoZ). Commercial swiss news media (Tages-Anzeiger, Zürich Express, Facts, Sonntagsblick, Radio 24, Radio DRS, 10vor10, a.o.) follow with 1 year delay.
M Comment of NZZ: "It's your own fault, if you join a demonstration." Police claims "not having knowledge" of heavy injuries until today. No proceeding against fallible officers.

1st June 2001
Charge against, ART IN JAIL,
 Report of state crime office of Bavaria to prosecution attorney office in Munich.
 Reason: "Suspicion of spreading text liable to corrupt the young (§3 i.V.m. §6 GjSM) by long distance data transmission", "Suspicion of portrayal of violence (§131 StGB)".

26th Juni 2001
Forwarding the charge via Interpol to swiss federal police
  Federal police office in Bern forwards the charge to the Kantonspolizei Zurich Special Dept. 2 sex crimes for further investigations.
Special Dept. 2 institutes interrogations and legal proceedings executed by district prosecution attorney.

24th November 2001
on federal square in Bern 

28th Februar 2002
Charge Nr. 1
 After a 2nd interrogation district attorney BA Wehrli charges and "links to other homepages, particularly to" for "portrayal of violence".
M The district attorney demands punishment not only for other links on third party homepages, but also for pages with no links and no definite connection.
M Further point of charge: "Information about the movie 'Blutgeil' and the handling of the criminal proceedings".

12th March 2002
Rejection of Charge No. 1, Stopping against ART IN JAIL and
Judge Guggenbühl rejects the charge as "not clear enough" and demands formal stopping against named homepages.
M Despite art. 135 excluding text, the district attorney snoops around on being a purely text page.

1st Mai 2002 arrested, camera und videotape confiscated
 Because of filming a plain clothes officer provoking with an empty bottle.
M First the accusation was "illegal filming of officers" acknowledged by press office of city police Zurich.
M The charge will inconspicuously be changed into "Preventing officers from their official duty" later.

4th June 2002
Interrogation Nr. 3
 Just a few more additional questions ...

17th June 2002
Charge Nr. 2
M Additional point of charge: "Wearing a during a newspaper-interview (Tages-Anzeiger)" = "Advertising for a forbidden movie" ...

8th October 2000
Confiscated Videotape of 1.5.02 kept secret
M The decision of district court sais, PigBrother-reporter Anger has no right on giving back of his work!
M The videotape incriminating the police shall be destroyed!

6th November 2002
Trial against
 We WON'T let us be censored!
 Try to shut off and see what will happen!

9th January 2003
Today in the mail: Judgement dated 6.11.02
M 2nd class "not guilty": Despite the court acquitting the accused of all charges, only a fraction of his costs is being reimbursed!