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  The necrotic part just before surgery.
 Note there's still some ointment smeared on, that's why it looks better
(i.e. less black) than it actually is.

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  The necrotic part freshly removed.
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  The wound stiched a bit smaller by tucking the skin to the ground.
 It's done at the lower edge of the skin. Note the transparent string ends peeping out from below.
 Like that the wound rested open for a week in order to develop better wound ground.
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  The removed necrotic skin.
 Now with the ointment removed showing its original pitch black colour.
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  One week later, lips just been re-cut so they'll connect better to the forthcoming graft.
 Transparent strings still being visible. These stay below and dissolve within 4 months.
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  The wound stitched smaller once again.
 This time stitched from above with blue strings to be removed later, usually after 1 week.
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  The grafted skin from the throat been stitched on.
 The hole in the middle he cut in as a drainage.
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