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"TEARGAS"              P o l i c e  o f f i c e r s    h e a v i l y    w o r k i n g   ! ! !              "RUBBERBULLETS" 
Guess why ? Zurich Polizei wants to ban 18 Homepages on!

It's your right to watch the cops! 

Death in Custody in Ireland / Pt. 2       • Annual UK Death in Custody Rally

  Where Courts and Media look away...  
A Pictorial Guide to Police-Brutality
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D o s s i e r   1 :
" T E A R G A S "

«Delicious and healthy?» 

The whole truth …


D o s s i e r   2 :

«Harmless, 10 Grams, Rubber» 

Does the Police lie to city council and the public?


NOTE: The german section of contains many more articles still waiting to be translated to english.
However, we strongly recommend you to check out the following 3 Pages (available only in german at the moment), since they contain loads of photos which truly speak for themselves:

>>> Most people don't know that swiss «Water Cannons» at a fingertip can be laced with «teargas» CN. In addition to filling up loaded arrestant-busses with «teargas» before closing the doors, this is regularly used by officers to illegally torture demonstrators – with drastic results. Both are facts being deliberatly hidden or even plainly censored by swiss media for the last 30 years.
Up to now, PigBrother documents the following cases:
1st lighter Case, 1 Person, May 1st 2000: Person in hospital for one week. Both hospital and authorities denied knowing anything under false excuse of data protection, although the official expert said this not being true. Later the hospital ruled a «total news blackout». All media refused to bring the story. >>> click here
2nd more grave Case, 2 Persons, Feb 1st 2002: Persons in hospital / unable to sit (let alone work) for 5 weeks. Wounds showing clearly the injured being deliberatly showered with CN, which is illegal by police law and clearly brands the injuries as torture. Usual news blackout. Despite repeatedly being contacted by the injured, all media refused to bring the story. After continuos reporting by PigBrother (incl. an article/interview in an alternative newspaper) and the injured sueing the police, various media brought small coverage once (of course without reference). Up to now no result in legal action against police. Photos from day 1 to 9. >>> click here
>>> For more than 20 years, Zurich plain clothes officers are known to use illegal weapons like e.g. steelrods. For the same time, media refused to report this fact. Until after May 1st 2000, when an officer with a rod was accidentally depicted nationwide in various newspapers and on TV – without anybody except PigBrother wanting to acknowledge the obvious fact:

After an intervention by PigBrother at the police plus a pressrelease, a spokesman finally admitted the depicted rod being «no regular policeweapon». Next the chief of the concerned Kriminalpolizei was allowed in an interview to spread the infamous lie, the rod being «not illegal» - while on any policestation there are posters showing exactly this rod as being «forbidden». For various months, the concerned newspaper refused to correct this obvious misinformation. While one of the victims of the criminal rod-cop, who had verbally protested against some plainclothes officers stopping a demonstrator by hitting him with a car (a common practice also refused to name by all media until a noble citizen one year later got crushed off one leg, then reporting it as «one single accident»), got sentenced quickly for «resistance and violence against officers», the criminal rod-cop only got a «internal disciplinary proceeding», the police keeping the result «secret». After PigBrother reporting this to State's Persecutors and District Attorneys, they refused 2 times to start any proceedings, while proclaiming the second refusal to be «final» and «unable to appeal against by legal means», on the truly remarkable and scandalous grounds of «police officers standing above the law» (!!!!!), although the officer bought and owned his illegal rod as a private citizen. Despite various pressreleases by PigBrother, of course all media refused to report this absolutely intolerable explanation. >>> click here for photos

Guess why ? Zurich Polizei wants to
shut down all our Homepages !!!!!
«By all means available!!»

>>> illegal raid at
>>> illegal confiscations of editorial papers
>>> illegal confiscations of negative film & videotape
>>> confiscated items «accidentally» destroyed
>> as usual no preceedings against fallible officers
>>> concerted action by Interpol, federal police etc. etc.
>>> grounds: critical reports on local police brutality
>>> 2 charges against 18 homepages
>>> violent arrestation of reporter
>>> another film illegally confiscated
>>> «increased security»1st trial, 2nd class not guilty
>>> more charges in the making
>>> Chronology 2000 - 2003 <<<
>>> "Freedom of the Press" as Real Life Comedy <<<


W E F  
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D  e  m  o  c  r  a  c  y    f  o  r    A  d  v  a  n  c  e  d  !  !
«What happens if average mortals
take legal proceedings against the police
concerning abuse of authority?»

  R e p l y   a)     Justice takes its course.
   R e p l y   b)     "Unerring warning shot" in the back                             of the head.
   R e p l y   c)     Nothing.

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P i c t u r e s   w e   l o v e   t o   s e e  !
Part 1:  
W I T H  C H A I N S A W S !
Part 2:  W I T H  O P E N   F L A P …  The confiscated photos!
Part 3:  
S U N D A Y   M E S S E N G E R   S E R V I C E !

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"TEARGAS"              P o l i c e  o f f i c e r s    h e a v i l y    w o r k i n g   ! ! !              "RUBBERBULLETS"
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