Soulless & Anger present:

G o i n g   t o   P r i s o n   f o r   A r t ! 

A Real-Life Comedy in 8 Parts
Multimedia Live Show 

UK Dates: May 4-14 2006
Duration: ca. 90 min.
Tech Requirements: Video Beamer for our Laptop (VGA, S-Video or Chinch Plugs), 2 Microphones
Mobile: +41 78 829 12 60

Short Description:

"Blutgeil a.k.a. Zurich Cop Eaters IV" is
a 23 min. low-budget satire on splatter films, inspired a.o. by early works by John Waters and Peter Jackson. The film starts with a bomb attempt by a drug-addicted squatter terrorist on a Police Special Drug Unit. Two policemen survive and and seek bloody revenge -- until their private crusade suddenly comes to an unexpected end ...

Unable to distinguish between reality and fiction, paranoid Police Chiefs and State Attorneys immediately launched a much better budgeted sequel in the real world, calling for the Political Police to apprehend the makers. The officers arrived with submachine guns -- and raided the wrong house! Then the spokesman of the police shows the finally confiscated film to minors -- and gets off free, while the makers face 4-month-charges. But this was only the beginning ...

Soulless & Anger (who also played the cops in the film) present not only the hilarious movie that started it all, but also a multi media live show about the real-live-comedy by the authorities, culminating in officially burning the film incl. the master tapes and sending one of the makers to a increased security prison, making the tasteless jokes of the incriminated (and later officially burned!) video looking quite harmless underdone.

Incl. new chapters about Soulless being incarcerated in Zurich Airport Prison for Art and the various but futile attempts to ban

English pages:


Part 1: Production Background
- Soulless and Anger getting continously filed by Swiss Political Police for cultural activities over decades
- Eviction of Zurich's "needle park" 1993
- Wohlgroth Squat used as location for part of BLUTGEIL early summer 1993
-  Coincidences: Special prison for junkies named after BLUTGEIL-Production company, at time of shooting fictious Special Drug Squad becoming reality during editing.

Part 2: The planned 1st Screening
- Scheduled at Wohlgroth 26. Nov. 1993
- 4 copies of BLUTGEIL sent to local newspapers. Filmmakers scapegoated for publishing the video.
- 3 days before planned 1st screening, Police doing "James Bond Style"-eviction of Wohlgroth followed by immediate destruction, only 2 squatters found.
- Feared riots actually happen. Bygoer gravily hurt. Police can't prevent damage at shops and cars.
- Tabloid hands video to Police.

Part 3: The Raid
- Police Chief shocked after watching BLUTGEIL
- Ordering raid by Political Police for Monday Nov. 29th, on grounds of "Grievious Bodily Harm"
- Plainclothes of Political Police backed up by about 40 policemen of Riot Squad and Special Forces, armed with submachineguns, rubber-bullet-guns, teargas -- and handicams.
-  First raid in the wrong house at a respectable family -- incl. confiscation of a bag of childbooks. 
- Raid being filmed by Political Police with same camera used to shoot "Blutgeil", their video starts exactly where the film ended.
- All-around-confiscation of cultural works (books, records, music-videos, comics, etc) and other stuff e.g. Frank Zappa's film "200 Motels", private letters, adressbook, etc. Dozens of confiscations without search protocol.

Part 4: The Media
- After Raid, Police gives Press Conference, now all local media bash filmmakers.
- Soulless and Anger start continously feeding the media again and again with all the tacky details about the raid and how ridiculously the political police actually do their job.
- It takes 1 year till the press finally publishes not only the police side.

Part 5: Uncle Bruno
- Police Spokesman Bruno Kistler showing BLUTGEIL to minor schoolboys and -girls in his office, afterwards denying everything (also on TV).
- Gets proved a liar by witnesses at district attorney.
- Gets off scot-free, while filmmakers facing 4 month charges.

Part 6: The Trials
-  District attorney wants makers go to jail.
-  Nov 23rd 1994, exactly one year after the Wohlgroth-eviction, 1st trial before city-court. Police joins happening with special black shock-troops, rubbing their clubs and searching people for bomb as featured in BLUTGEIL.
- 1st verdict: Court rules makers "not guilty".
-  Still one of them looses job and gets effective professional ban.
-  State's attorney lodges appeal. 
- 1995 2nd trial: State's Attorney declaring "culture must be positive" while filmmakers being "at the edge of pathological", court follows argumentation.
- 2nd verdict "guilty".
- Fines of 1000.-- francs or 33 days jail, mastertape and seized copies to be burned.

Part 7: Going to Prison for Art! [live only]
- Soulless going to jail spring 2000.
- "Bloodbath"-performance before entering private prison as protest against illegal and uncostitutional ban of books and effective ban of doing cultural work in prison.
- Relocated to high security airport prison after.
- Prison authorities "losing" medical prescription underway.
- Prison doctor: "Malingerer", refuses medicamentation & treatment.
- Has to start ongoing corticoid therapy after release.

Part 8:, another illegal Raid, new Trial [live only]
- March 2000 online, soon to be followed by more sites, dealing. a. o. with gory real-life police brutality the commercial media refuse to show and courts tend to ignore.
- Raid of editorial offices. Officers felt "threatened by camera", illegal confiscations later being "thrown away by cleaning lady" November 2000.
- New charges against all 18 homepages incl. on grounds of "subversive campaign against state and police", "child pornography" and "portrayal of violence". Further points of charge: "Information about the movie 'Blutgeil' and the handling of the criminal proceedings" plus "Wearing a during a newspaper-interview".
- Increased security trial 2002
- Finally verdict February 2003: 2nd class "not guilty", despite the court acquitting the accused of all charges, only a fraction of his costs is being reimbursed.

Plus: The small, cheap videofilm that started it all: BLUTGEIL a.k.a. ZURICH COP EATERS IV, uncensored with english subtitles!

Plus: The Expert! A liberal film criticist reveals why BLUTGEIL must be forbidden!

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