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Zürich, 22nd March 2001/cs 

Public Prosecution Zurich
Mr. lic.iur. Markus Imholz


8026 Zurich 

Advokatur Gartenhof 
Matthias Brunner 
Viktor Gyoerffy 
Claude Hentz 
Barbara Hug 
Peter Nideroest 
Lisa Zaugg
Barbara Hug 
Gartenhofstrasse 15 
P.O. Box 9819 
8036 Zurich 
Telefon 01 241 63 62 
Telefax 01 241 24 02 
MwSt-Nr. 277 373 
PC 80-40561-7 

Soulless and Anger against Police Officers 

Dear Mr. Colleague

According to my informations there are still no investigations concearning the police action on occasion of the raid at Klosbachstreet on 5th September 2000. Fact is that I filed my desire for legal proceedings on 23rd November 2000 after I wrote Mr. Zuend of Criminal Investigation Department on 19th October 2000 with no reaction for over a month. I received a letter of Mr. Zuend dated 30th November 2000 on 7th December 2000 (receipt), in which he announced to make a great effort "to process your inquiry this year". Now Mr. Zuend wrote me again a letter dated 6th March 2001 (You should have received a copy) stateing not being able to give any information because of my desire for legal proceedings on 23rd November 2000.

From my viewpoint the "the convertion of city police into cantonal police project "Urban Kapo"" certainly took enough time so that the concerned police officers should finally be under investigation.

With plea for attention

Yours faithfully

Lawyer B. Hug 



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