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Zürich, 19th October 2000/ms 

Registered letter
Criminal Investigation Department

Mr. Zuend

Zeughausstrasse 11

8004 Zurich 
Advokatur Gartenhof 
Matthias Brunner 
Viktor Gyoerffy 
Claude Hentz 
Barbara Hug 
Peter Nideroest 
Lisa Zaugg
Barbara Hug 
Gartenhofstrasse 15 
P.O. Box 9819 
8036 Zurich 
Telefon 01 241 63 62 
Telefax 01 241 24 02 
MwSt-Nr. 277 373 
PC 80-40561-7 

Soulless and Anger: Raid at Klosbachstreet on 5.9.2000

Dear Mr. Zuend

I have been instructed by above named Gentlemen to look after their interests. They told me to usually have had contact with you because of the raid on 5th September 2000, so i assume You being responsible.

My clients live at Klosbachstreet and bear all costs since years. The door bell unexpectedly rang one morning briefly after 8.00 a.m. on 25th August 2000. Two survey engineers asked for enter to mark a spot on the roof for the coming erection of a construction pole.

My clients asked the engineers to announce their visit written or by phone in future to make sure that someone will be in the house. One of the engineers assured to forward this request.

My clients did not hear nothing until they were torn out of sleep by terrible noise in the morning of 5th September 2000: The front door was obviously broke open. They heard voices in the entrance demanding: "Open up, police, or we will kick in the [2nd apartment] door." The door immediately broke open. Approx. eight to ten Turicum police officers and three undercover officers forced their way into my clients apartment and put them up to the wall. On my clients question for a search warrant they got the reply: "We do not need no search warrant."

My clients were forced to stay permanently guarded in the living room, while the other police officers faned out in the house. Not until my clients request one officer standing around admitted to have instruction to guarantee access for the construction workers.

Police packed in several items in the apartment. Despite my clients demand no confiscation protocol was drawn up. One officer took photos in the living room and in the adjoining work room.

My clients had to show their IDs. Police took the press ID of Anger and the passport of Soulless with them. My clients were allowed to dress approx. one hour later. All officers left the house soon afterwards. The two construction workers had erected the pole on the roof in the meantime.

Three police officers returned to Klosbachstreet approx. two hours later not only to hand out my clients IDs, but to force entry to the house again with the comment: "To take some more pictures". My clients were hold in the first floor while one officer took pictures upstairs. When one of my clients took photos himself, the film was instantly confiscated against receipt. My clients found out that Corporal Honegger was the leader of the police action.

Four police officers dropped in again at Klosbachstreet to return my clients photo film developed by police and a confiscated videotape as well on Sunday evening 10th Septmeber 2000. My clients got these items back against receipt. On their question for the other confiscated goods they got Mr. Honeggers reply having them forwarded to the task force "blaze and attempts" [of criminal investigation department].

My clients got to know on 13th September 2000 that the whole police action was carried out because the owner of Klosbachstreet asserted my clients having denied access for the construction workers. This is clearly incorrect.

My clients could get back two nightsticks on 27th September 2000. The rest [of the confiscated goods] landed in the waste disposal of the office cleaners. My clients also got three police photos of a collage on a wall in their living room. The photos of the construction pole stay as proof at the police. More photos were not taken [Mr. Zuend said].

These facts are proof of my clients very correct behaviour, already at the first unexpected visit of the survey engineers on 5th August 2000. It is also self-evident that my clients are free to take pictures in their apartment.

I ask You to utter concearning the legal basis of police action on 5th September 2000 and particularly on:

1. search without search warrant;

2. taking with IDs;

3. taking indoor photos and develop the film;

4. confiscation of several items;

5. not drawing up a confiscation protocol;

6. confiscation of the film on occasion of the second visit on 5th September 2000;

7. the damage to the sticker on the mail box.

Moreover I ask You to send me the files for attention.

Yours faithfully

Lawyer B. Hug

Copy of power of attorney enclosured

Copy for advise to:
Head of City police Zurich, police barracks, 8004 Zurich



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