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Question to city council of Zurich
by a member of district council

GR Nr. 2001 / 18


Interpellation by Balthasar Glaettli (GREEN PARTY)


The block of houses around the Kreuzplatz is a topic of public interest since a long time. Despite being important witnesses of time to the development of the city of Zurich, the quarrel until now was mainly about the demolition of the old Kreuzplatz-houses to give way to a new building project.

City council and site manager had to admit defeat when people of Zurich voted against the first new building project (autumn 1999). Despite open legal and political questions - only to mention the objection of native culture protection society and the public petition for a referendum - they try everything to drive their project forward as fast as possible.

In this context there are particular questions on the police action in one of the mentioned houses in summer 2000 (see Tages-Anzeiger of 12th January 2001). I ask the city council to answer following questions:

1. What is the explanation of the city council for the police action obviously in favour of a private company in mentioned house?

2. Does the city council generally judge police action to be necessary and appropriate to guarantee workers of a private company access to private property? If no: Are there exceptional cases from the viewpoint of city council, for which police action in such a way - involved were at least 12 police officers - is necessary and appropriate? What are the criterions?

3. Is it true that police forced entry in the described inappropriate manner, and that they obviously did not restrict action only on their "instruction to guarantee workers access", but carried out an actual raid incl. confiscation of items and photographing premises - without search warrant on hand? How does the city council regard this?

4. On which legal basis is mentioned police action based on?

5. Does the city council also judge to be unreasonable not to draw up a statement of the police action and the confiscated items, and not giving back a part of these items, but destroying them without further ado?

6. What are the plans of the city council to prevent such incidents in the future, and to keep legality preserved for all inhabitants of the city of Zurich.


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