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Sqatters mad: Police threw goods away  20 Minuten  2.10.00

Police officers came with chainsaw   Tages Anzeiger  12.1.01

Legal proceedings   20 Minuten  12.1.01

L e g a l   p r o c e e d i n g s        M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        R a i d :   T h e   p i c s  !

       20 minuten   Monday, 2nd October 2000 

Sqatters mad :
Police threw goods away 

ZURICH - The city police Zurich can not reimburse material confiscated in a squat. Disposal by mistake.

The Kreuzplatz-squatters and producers of controversial video "Blutgeil" are outraged: "It is unbelievable how police took action

against us", sais president of housing society Klosbachstrasse. 

A building contractor obviously asked the police for escort to erect a construction pole on the roof. Several hemp plants were found there, a police speaker said. Police supposing cover-up danger confiscated preventive among other things filmmaterial and

-props. As not being an actual raid, there was no need for a statement. The dot on the i for the squatters: It came to light ten days later that "a part of the confiscated material (leaflets and a video-cover) got disposal by mistake of the cleaning staff", the police speaker confirmed.

The squatters being sensitive to the police through a long past history feel deceived: "We have called our lawyer."

Angela Müller


Police officers came
with chainsaw

After a raid without search warrant the occupiers brought a charge against the police.

by Peter Johannes Meier

It started all harmless: Two measurement engineers of a building contractor requested access to the house at the Kreuzplatz. The property is a demolition building and should give way to a controversial new building project with 23 apartments. The men were let in. They marked a spot on the roof, where a pole should be erected for the construction later. They announced to come around again for the erection the next days. The occupiers asked for an announcement because they work irregularly. That was last August.

Eleven days later the occupiers were torn out of sleep: "Open up, Police, or we will kick in the door." That had already happened when baffled occupiers still in underpants saw themselves confronted to twelve police officers. On the question for a search warrant they got the reply: "We don't need one." Police had to guarantee workers access to the roof, one officer said.

 Without lease

The demolition building is occupied without written lease since three years. "We pay for electricity, water and all other charges. The home-owner showed no interest for a lease from beginning on", an occupier explained. All properties around the Kreuzplatz being part of the new building project are occupied without lease since March 2000. All tenants - except one shop - received the notice to quit despite the date of construction start still being uncertain.

Police did not restrict their action on "instruction to guarantee workers

access", but faned out in the house and confiscated several items. One of the police officers took photos in the livingroom and in the workroom. "After about one hour we were allowed to dress", an occupier said. Police officers felled with a chainsaw several plants on the roof, among them hemp. "There was absolutely no reason for that. The plants were no obstacle to erect the pole", an occupier explains annoyed. After the workers have erected the pole, the police officers left the house - to return to take even more pictures two hours later. one occupier decided to take photos himself of the police action then. The film was confiscated. Some of the confiscated items - a statement does not exist - were given back, others obviously being destroyed. The responsible police officer explained to an occupier, that this was the fault of the cleaning lady.

 No answer of the Criminal Investigation Department

Two of the occupiers brought a lawyer in then. She demanded an explanation of the police of Zurich, on what legal basis they think to base their action on. "I have no answer until now", lawyer Barbara Hug said yesterday. She brought a charge against the police officers because of abuse of their position already end of November. Responsible head of meanwhile dissolved task force "fire and attempts", Erwin Zuend, did not want to give his opinion because of the ongoing proceedings.

The occupiers of the property are convinced that the police action should intimidate all occupiers: "Police wanted to show us that they can visit people without lease any time. But a house occupied without lease is still no lawless space."


L e g a l   p r o c e e d i n g s        M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        R a i d :   T h e   p i c s  !

     20 minuten    Monday, 2nd October 2000


Legal proceedings

ZURICH - The Kreuzplatz-squatters and producers of controversial video "Blutgeil" have brought a charge against the city police because of abuse of their position. It is about an incident that happened early September last year: Police officers have supposedly confiscated illegaly filmmaterial and -props.

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