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P r e s s c o v e r a g e       R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

SSI Pf 2122 CH-8031 Zürich 01/262 6552 079/402 5667
Zürich, September 5th 2000 
 Dear friends of bad taste
Once again:
Police-Raid at SSI-Media!
Confiscated this time: 1 blind-videotape 
"BLUTGEIL - the Original - now legal!
(cover-dummy), 1 "BLUTGEIL"- 
Anti-censorship-newspaper "HALT'S MAUL wenn du mitreden willst" (=Shut up if you want to have a say) from 1994, editorial papers -- plus the usual.
Amongst other confiscated items - surprise! -  original-filmprops of "BLUTGEIL" (a.o. self-made cap-emblems, police clubs etc - comment of the confiscating officer: "I see, a genuine "Wiener". Where did you get this one from?"), plus various ""- stickers in different fluorescent colours, plus notes, books, flyers etc etc.

In a full-scale operation following the long-standing "Fiche"-tradition à la The "BLUTGEIL-Case" the SSI-media-headquarter was raided. ["fiche" = file at the secret political police in Switzerland.] About 20 heavily armed Zurich city police officers in uniforms and plain-clothes kick in house- and apartment-doors and smash windows to enter the house at Klosbachstrasse / Kreuzplatz. Without search warrant the snoopers turn living- and working-rooms upsidedown and confiscate without protocol. Official oral explanation (a written was not available): Hausverein Klosbachstrasse denied access to construction workers!

Past history: After working a hard night shift until 6 in the morning an occupier is falling asleep that Friday morning 25th August 2000, when suddenly the door bell rang furiously. He gets up again and opens the front door to 2 land surveyors, who would like to go on the roof to do their job for the upcoming "Kreuzplatz"-block-construction. He lets them enter without difficulty and they mark the roof where to put up marking pole nr. 9. The occupier is pointing out that he happened to be hearing them ringing. For granted access an appointment, written or by phone, would sure be a good thing next time. The one surveyor makes a note and promises to forward it to the construction workers putting up the marking poles. Then the occupier goes to sleep again. Concearning missing marking pole nr. 9 neither managment nor construction worker did get in touch since.

 "Preventively" confiscated once again: 

Cover-dummy of censored Swiss-edition 

Genuine and with content legally available all over...

Now today the Zurich city police appears with the noted explanation, that we denied access to construction workers (q.e.d.). Then they smash everything to pieces and snoop around (every once in a while) through our living- and working-rooms, extensively take pictures everywhere, check books, booklets, CD's etc distributed by SSI, ransack archive fotos, slides, drawings, collages, notes, adressbooks and zealously pack in - without search warrant of course ("We don't need that!" Quote city police), even without search protocol and presumably just for fun after all. Matter of honour that - also purely accidentaly - they know about BLUTGEIL and the ssi-media-homepage But as squatter you logically have "no rights" (Quote city police).

By the way: 3 years ago the home-owner was introduced to the "Hausverein". We grant with our names for the settlement of all costs caused by our being here since and to leave the house before construction work actually starts. There were no complaints and we even would pay rent, if the home-owner could consent to a rental-agreement.

The confiscated booklets, books etc are "preventively confiscated" as always and we have absolutely "no rights" to get them back ever or even a list. An official receipt is only handed out for a confiscated exposed negative.

And by the way: Want to bet that marking pole nr. 9 missing since 4 days will officially be of no consequence? (Construction calling was last friday.) Building contractors observing the regulations? Not with the help of city construction office and city police!


SSI and Hausverein Klosbachstrasse

PS: At least the police officers were that accomodating not to keep us covered with drawn guns the whole time forcing us to put our hands up for hours. Thank you! 

PS2: Do you know this one: If we named the owner of the grass, they would have left it here!

F r o m   t h e   s t a r t ...       R a i d :   T h e   P i c s ! 
SSI Pf 2122 CH-8031 Zürich 01/262 6552 079/402 5667

T e r r o r   a t   " K r e u z p l a t z ",   P a r t   2:
"Weapons" confiscated!
Now the "Fire and Attack-squad"
investigates SSI-media - because of film-props!
Zurich, September 13th 2000 

Dear friends of bad taste

Reality teaches everybody otherwise, who hoped for some basic changes at Zurich City Police since the real-life-comedy around the "BLUTGEIL case". Not only that involved police officers of "Turicum-squad" preventively confiscated haphazardly (cultural) items again (see last letter).

But once again self-made film-props grew unexpected into "real police clubs", "weapons" now handed over for further investigations to the "Fire and Attack-squad" together with all other confiscated items. The "Fire and Attack-squad" is the successor squad of officially "dissolved" snooping section "PMS". (The abbreviation means "politically motivated delinquency", not to mistake for "pre-menstrual-syndrom".) Also the fact that the police took masses of photos of our living- and working-rooms is a hint at some conclusions...

Athough needing a judicial order, Zurich city police developed the confiscated photo-film meanwhile. They looked through the photos and a confiscated video-tape, the only 2 items handed over until now.

P i c t u r e s   w e   l o v e   t o   s e e  !
Part 1:  W I T H  C H A I N S A W S ! 


M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        P r e s s c o v e r a g e       R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

  Pf 2122  CH-8031 Zürich   079/402 5667

P O L I C E   S T A T E   A T   K R E U Z P L A T Z ,   P a r t   3 :

Dear friends of bad taste

Announcment of Task force
"Arson and attempts":

From: Task force arson+ attempts <>
To: <>
Reference: Confiscated items 5.9.00
-Reply date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 13:34:11 +0200

Hello Mr. Anger

The two nightsticks arrived at my office in the meantime. The video cover and some flyers are still missing. As soon i have everything i will call you for return.

Yours faithfully  E. Zuend



W i t h  t h e  w e a p o n s  o f  c u l t u r e   . . . 
New!!!    C L I C K  H E R E  ! 

M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        P r e s s c o v e r a g e       R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

P O L I C E  S T A T E   @   K R E U Z P L A T Z ,   P a r t  4 :

News of the "Task force arson and attempts":

Confiscated items 
"disposed by mistake"!!! 

to blame is the cleaning lady!!

Zurich 25.9.00

Dear friends of bad taste

Actually hard to believe, but apparently true: According to Mr. Zuend's ("Task force arson + attempts", CID Zürich) phonecall to SSI yesterday, all "preventive confiscated" goods at on 5.9. were destroyed meanwhile - except the two "nightsticks"!! According to Mr. Zuend's statement the cleaning staff "mistaked" the goods packed in a plastic bag for a full garbage bag and simply "threw it away"!!!

We can go get the 2 "nightsticks" in his office on Wednesday - "but please not before half past three, until then I am still in the coffee break". On this occasion he will hand over the indoor photos of our apartment taken by the police to the shredder - mind you, only the photos and not the negatives.

OK, OK, we are a litlle bit envious of so much insolence - or do we have to say cunning? -, we frankly have to admit. Especially as we do not know in conclusion today, what the officers packed in of our magazines, books, film-props, manuscripts, adress-lists etc behind our backs.

So full of remorse we have to put on record that we are 100% mistaken. It is correct on the contrary, that the "Task force arson and attempts" does not need no search warrant or other petty little matter for "preventive confiscations" - why, when evidence of brute force is sufficient enough!!! And also the quote of the confiscating officer - picsthat we have no right on a confiscation protocol or the return of the confiscated goods anyway - turned out to be completely true in the meantime ...

P i c t u r e s   w e   l o v e   t o   s e e  !
Part 2:  W I T H  O P E N   F L A P …  The confiscated photos!

M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        P r e s s c o v e r a g e       R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

Out of photograph album of political police:
"Criminal Art"!!!
Body of evidence 1: Original police photos of Turicum squad for the attention of snooping department "task force arson and attempts" on occasion of raid at, 5.9.00:

Always a popular motif for the police photographer: "Subversive" wall-collage with confiscated film prop «police club».

>>> 3 more vivid photo-details

Despite watching officers with our own eyes taking more pictures of the rest of our fittings in the first floor, the boss of "arson + attempts" assured trustingly that these are the only indoor photos that have come out well. There has been no instruction to take photos in our apartment at all…

P i c t u r e s   w e   l o v e   t o   s e e  !
   Part 3:  S U N D A Y   M E S S E N G E R   S E R V I C E ! 


M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        P r e s s c o v e r a g e       R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

A D V A N C E   N O T I C E . . .

Dear friends of bad taste

It is just about to start:
With support of media union comedia SSI
instructed a lawyer to look after the striking violations of media laws, police decree etc by the city police. First of all she asked the police, in particular Mr. Zuend of task force "arson + attempts", in a letter of 19.10.00 to give a written comment. The fact that there is no reply until now, surely is no sign for the proverbial arrogance of particular officers of the city of Zurich, but for their overwork - f.e. to let confiscate BLUTGEIL-videocovers, want to bet?

But as mentioned this is only a little advance notice.

 continue ...

M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !
L e t t e r   1 9 . 1 0 . 0 0         P r e s s c o v e r a g e         L e g a l   p r o c e e d i n g s

SSI  Pf 2122  CH-8031 Zurich   079/402 5667

P O L I C E S T A T E   @   K R E U Z P L A T Z ,   P a r t  7:     Zurich, 11.1.01

Kreuzplatz: Legal proceedings against police

Dear friends of bad taste

without search warrant
Arbitrary confiscations 
without witnesses and withouth protocol?
High-handed" snooping around und taking pictures?
Throwing away confiscated goods "by mistake" – The cleaning lady is to blame?

Everything completely normal in Zurich!

Caught him at it ...And from the viewpoint of police not worth mentioning: Even after a registered demand head of city police Zurich and responsible officers think of no need to present a legal basis ("We don't need!") for such "everyday happenings", nor a written apology - according to the motto "Who has the power, has the right!" They are confident in politics and judiciary to cover them up, if someone dare (or can allow him/herself financially) to "go to law" at all against such wheelings and dealings.

With support of media union comedia SSI instructed a lawyer to look after the striking violations of media laws, police decree etc by the city police. First of all she asked the police in letter of 19.10.00 to give a written comment. And the rest was dead silence…

For these reasons SSI has brought a charge against the police because of abuse of their position
, even we hardly go on the assumption that this step helps right or justice on the road to success…

continue …

M i s s e d   t h e   b e g i n n i n g ?        P r e s s c o v e r a g e         R a i d :   T h e   p i c s !

P O L I C E   S T A T E   @   K R E U Z P L A T Z ,   P a r t  8 :

Zurich, 28.3.01

Dear friends of bad taste

«What happens if average mortals
take legal proceedings against the police
concerning abuse of authority?»

Right, nothing happens at all first: The charge lands in the drawer, where it stays in 9 of 10 cases until it comes under the statute of limitations (Rule No. 1).

No district attorney would ever admit that in public of course. On the contrary! The proceedings "are running" is the regular confirmation on request. Say, if the district attorney feels urged to take the first steps under pressure of lawyers,
publicity or politics, so it is totally sufficient to ask the involved police officers for a not binding statement. A fundamental reply will never take place of course, but the poor, harassed district attorney (as any other average citizen) is helplessly fobbed off with untruth, lies and excuses tried and tested since decades, until rule nr. 1 finally comes into force (Rule No. 2).

Burglar style …
Police officers heavily working
(with ladder)

Also in the "Kreuzplatz Case". In a phonecall to our lawyer District attorney Markus Imholz jolted by press reports and interpellation of Balthasar Glaettli, member of the district council uttered the intention in the beginning of 2001 to summons the concerning fallible officers, if there is no reply until the middle of March. But this declaration of intent was never fulfilled because he urgently had to lock up some small drug users. Again in a big number Erwin Zuend head of task force "arson + Attempts" uttering flabbergasting half truth to our lawyer (incl. backdating letters) (see his two letters of 30.11.00 and 6.3.01), but according to rule nr. 2 obviously being successful with district attorney Imholz.

Therefore our tip to all more or less law-abiding citizens: Feel free to try it that way, if you happen to get a summons by the public prosecution next time – and wonder, how fast your apartment door gets kicked in and you wake up in the hospital, let's say without front teeth! (We urgently advise somebody looking like a Jugo by chance against this method and/or especially if you happen to live in Bonstetten: After a "unerring warning shot" someone did not wake up anymore there
– also official investigations could logically not determine, which officer caused the hit. What's the point?)

That is proof that in the eyes of the law everybody is treated equal in Switzerland.
In the face of these circumstances we could legally take up arms by virtue of the active right of resistance. We can still do that later. That's why we temporarily only asked our lawyer to write again a nice little letter, dated 22.3.01 to poor Mr. Imholz in the meantime. He maybe will voluntarily take the finger out of the ass against all rules...

PS: Rule No. 3: If Mr. Blocher [Swiss right-wing billionaire] or any other high society member brings something to court, then legal proceedings are immediately to institute.

Rule No. 4:
If a guy looking like a Jugo or any other subhuman creature brings something to court, then a summons is immediately to take out against this person, making use of the "unerring warning shot" in the back of the head if possible.

Rule No. 5: If an average mortal can pay a legal adviser with vigour and if he achieves a lasting alarm for the public, the media and the representatives of the people, then the use of Rule No. 3 is to fake, until the fuss dies down and the proceedings can finally brought to an end according to Rule No. 1.

 continue ...
P i c t u r e s   w e   l o v e   t o   s e e  !
Part 1:  
W I T H  C H A I N S A W S !
Part 2:  W I T H  O P E N   F L A P …  The confiscated photos!
Part 3:  
S U N D A Y   M E S S E N G E R   S E R V I C E !

W i t h  t h e  w e a p o n s  o f  c u l t u r e   . . .
C L I C K  H E R E  !
C L I C K  H E R E  ! 

Switzerland is a democratic country, where artists have the choice between prison, armed resistance or exile.

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