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Quality Shirts
Hooded Shirt front
Hooded Shirt back
T–Shirt front
T–Shirt back
Massive sweat–shirt with hood front
>>>exclusively available here and on tour!
Massive sweat–shirt with hood back
>>>exclusively available here and on tour!


PRIZE (incl.
postage) EUROPE

PRIZE (incl.
postage) OVERSEA
TS (T-Shirt) S / M / L sFr. 35.- / Euro 23.50 sFr. 40.- / Euro 26.80
HS (Hood-Shirt) S / M / L / XL sFr. 55.- / Euro 36.80 sFr. 60.- / Euro 40.--
HSW (Hood–Sweater)
>>>exclusively  available here!
M / L / XL sFr. 80.- / Euro 53.50 sFr. 85.- / Euro 56.80

All prices in Swiss Francs .
Sorry, at the moment advance payment only! 
Total amount via money order or transfer to our postal check account:

Postbank Switzerland:
SSI, Postfach 2122, CH–8031 Zürich
Postcheckkonto Nr. 80-34822-9

Postbank Germany/EU:
SSI, Postfach 2122, CH–8031 Zürich
Postbank Stuttgart
Bankleitzahl 600 100 70
Kontonummer 402000-702
IBAN: DE77 6001 0070 0402 0007 02

Don't forget when doing your payment!
Note your abbreviated order in the field
"Short messages / Cause of payment":

<f.e. for two Hood-Shirts size S and M: 2 x HS (S/M)>
Dont forget your Name & Adress!!!

Order will immediately be shipped after receivement of payment.
To accelerate ordering process after payment has been made:
Send email with delivery address, order and date of payment to

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