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Criminal Investigation Department Blaze / Attempts

Grüngasse 19
8021 Zürich

Telefon 01 216 71 11
Telefax 01 291 51 36
Direktwahl 01 216 76 50


Advokatur Gartenhof
Ms. Lawyer Barbara Hug
Gartenhofstr. 15/Postfach 9819
8003 Zürich

    Zürich 6th March 2001

Your letter concerning the "Raid" Klosbachstreet at Mr. Soulless/Mr. Anger

Dear Ms. Hug

The convertion of the city police into cantonal police project "Urban Kapo" kept us very busy as I wrote you in my letter of 30th November 2000, with effects on the case represented by you.

I promised you the reply of your questions in mentioned letter. Few days after the dispatch of my letter I got to know of your legal proceedings against the police because of the incident on 5th September 2000. My initial position considerably changed. You will certainly understand me coming back to my past decision not to give any information because of pending proceedings probably also concearning my person.

Yours faithfully

Dept. C Limb-Life
Zuend, FwmbA


copy to
Head of police
BAZ [Public prosecution Zurich], office B-16

No.  6'666'667
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