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"TEARGAS"              P o l i c e  o f f i c e r s    h e a v i l y    w o r k i n g   ! ! !              "RUBBERBULLETS"
F i l e   2 :   " R U B B E R - B U L L E T S "

Zurich: Citypolice deliberately lies
to District Council and public!


At least 11 people lost their eyesight by "rubber bullets" in Zurich since 1980, 2 alone winter 2003/2004; countless persons suffered fractures, deep flesh wounds, open contusions aso. Even apparently light eyedamages are being threatened by long-term consequences until 10 years (!!) after the acute trauma (cataract and glaucoma).
In the eyes of responsibles: "Not as bad as all that"

picture: Society of concerned parents

Rabbit hunt inside Police encircle – Eye shot out!
 She wanted to get herself to safety "hands up" from "teargas"
– on the same occasion, an other woman suffered a finger fracture from "rubber bullets".
 Encircled demo in front of national historicalmuseum, 31st January 1980
more police atrocities

Not only Police extoling their "battle weapons" as "harmless" (TA 29.1.81) and "forgetting" to report injuries as f.e. the severe eye-damage of 27.1.01 "in the heat of the battle" (see Fax Press Dept. Citypolice 29.1.01 to AL-District Councelor Niklaus Scherr). Head of Press Dept. Citypolice himself "emphasized" (!!!) "not having knowledge of someone being hurt by Police forces or having lost eyesight from a rubber bullet" on 6.5.01(TA 7.5.01) – nobody will notice, and if, then he/she won't be able to read on that eye anyway, hahaha.

In Switzerland, "rubberbullets" are shot in packages of 35 pieces. Depending on the distance, impact force and scattering (and therefore injuries) vary. According to the police, maximum range is about 50 m, stipulated «minimal distance» is 20 m.

Depending on type of bullets, such a "bundle" weights ca. 315-630 g. (Here bullets of 18 g each, ca. 1982)

Also Examination Commissions of District Council not always get to know the whole truth: Against description of Citypolice not only the convenient app. 9.5 - 11 gram "rubber bullets" are in use, but also a variation with double weight (and danger)! What material are they really out of? It is not rubber!

Typical «Rubberbullet»-Wound

Skin and flesh above the bone cleary penetrated,
long edge of hitting bullet easily to be recognised.

Extreme stroke of luck: Only a few millimeters more above, and instead of the bloody fleshwound, the bullet would have irreveribly destroyed another eye.

(picture: Daniel Schäublin)

Police usually lies about weight, material and dangerousness of actual used "battle weapons". Nov. 28th 2001 the police again reported totally false figures, depicting «rubber bullets» as «harmless» and «physically unable to penetrate human skin». When PigBrother complained about the obviously glossed over figures by a «federal ballistic expert», he called it a «arithmetical fault». >>> Report in german with photos of injuries by british rubber/plastic-bullets

picture: Soceiety of Concerned Parents

Stroke of luck
not in the eye –
but a scar
for a lifetime anyway.

But noone else noticed the convienient lie (excuse me: «arithmetical fault») anyway, and whatever:
Who loses eyesight from "rubber bullets" is not a "law abiding citizen", buta "subhuman creature" and it is "your own fault" of course
, and Police «doesn't know» of any injuries and lost of eyesights.

KEIN FAN VON TRÄNENGAS: Zürcher Stadtpräsident Estermann mit Gattin Maggi

«Who doesn't want to hear, must feel!»

«I decide, when it is

There were proceedings against fallible officers not following rules of stipulated "minimal distance" of 20 meters when using "rubber bullets", but miraculously not in one only case it came to a charge, let alone to a trial or to a conviction within the last 20 years – would be too much!

A n o t h e r    c  l e a r   c a s e   o f    " s e l f - d e f e n s e "  !
"Illegal" near-distance-shot against senior woman!!
 She protected her face with her hands -- the results:

No lost eye, but additional injuries on fingers. The left middlefinger is broken.


Another bullet hit the left ear. Amongst others fleshwound at the cheekbone.

(pictures: Verein betroffener Eltern)  more police atrocities

As only institution in Zurich the "Society of Concerned Parents" came out against the use of "rubber bullets". But the try to abolish them again at least in the city of Zurich on democratic ways by an Initiative failed in 1981. In Winter 2002/2003, only the swiss Youth Parliament voted again to abolisch «rubberbullets» and «teargas».

picture: Society of Concerned Parents

The shooting distance can be found out later from the scatter of the wounds / scars. (Here about 10 meters.)

Winter 1999/2000, 2 more eyes shot were out again. Police since as usual «unable to determine who exactly shot» – therefore «no trial possible, sorry» .
>>> File 1: "TEARGAS" <<<

No.  6'666'666'667

"TEARGAS"              P o l i c e  o f f i c e r s    h e a v i l y    w o r k i n g   ! ! !              "RUBBERBULLETS"
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